A Warm Welcome

We extend a heartfelt welcome to all parents whose children are part of the Busan Foreign School (BFS) Community. When your child attends BFS – you automatically become an integral member of the BFS Parent Teacher Support Organization (PTSO). The PTSO operates on the foundation of volunteerism, dedicating its efforts to the advancement of the school’s mission and supporting the well-being of our community.

Our PTSO fundraises, hosts, or assists with memorable events at school and offers support to new families. We take great pride in our role of establishing an inviting atmosphere for families who are new to our community. Amid the shifts that accompany the international school experience, the PTSO stands as a steadfast pillar of knowledge, companionships, and a platform for lifelong friendships. By participating in PTSO, you become an integral part of a larger community that is dedicated to the growth and development of our students. Your involvement extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom, creating a network of support that fosters strong relationships between the school, parents, students, and teachers.

The PTSO hosts or volunteers at these major events each year:

  • Family Orientation Day (August)

  • Halloween (October)

  • Thanksgiving (November)

  • Spring Egg Hunt

  • Sporting events (year-round)

Gently-Used Uniform Sales & BFS Swag

We manage the Used Uniform program where we collect and organize the selling of gently used uniforms to support sustainable practices and cost-effective solutions for families. We also create and sell BFS-branded items like water bottles, drawstring bags, and senior luggage tags. These items not only showcase school spirit but also kindle a sense of identity and belonging within our community.

Monthly Meetings

We wholeheartedly invite you to be part of our monthly meeting, to foster a sense of community and exchange valuable insights. These meetings convene at the school auditorium on the first Friday of each month from September through June. This platform allows parents, teachers, and staff to discuss pertinent topics, and share ideas that enrich the well-being and development of our school community. Your participation is an invaluable contribution as each voice adds a distinct perspective to our discussions.