Welcome to BFS from the Principals

Our Early Childhood and Elementary have dedicated teachers and supportive parents, we foster an environment where every student can thrive socially, emotionally, and academically, embracing our SHARK values: Socially Conscious, Hardworking, Active Communicator, Respectful, and Keep Learning.

The Early Childhood program, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, offers three and four-year-old students a space to explore, play, learn, and flourish within a holistic curriculum. Moving into Elementary, students benefit from rigorous instruction grounded in American standards-based learning. Alongside this, they enjoy a rich array of specialist classes including Physical Education, Library, Maker Space, Art, Music, and Language (Spanish, Korean, ELL), complemented by diverse after-school activities and athletics. Embracing the Responsive Classroom approach, we lay a strong foundation for learning, fostering engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmentally responsive teaching.

We invite you to become part of our BFS family, where we strive to uphold our mission and embody our motto, “Embracing Diversity, Striving for Excellence.”

Lauren Harvey,
Early Childhood and Elementary Principal

The middle and high school have qualified and dedicated teachers provide our hardworking students with engaging learning experiences from grades 6 -12.  

Our Middle School students develop a strong skill base to excel in High School. Literacy is foundational, which is why BFS students have both reading and writing classes, where we utilize the Reading and Writing Workshop models.  This focus on literacy, combined with differentiated instruction in Mathematics and an integrated approach in Science helps ensure our students are ready to learn in High School. Our Middle School teachers know each student and work collaboratively to plan units of study so students see the connections between skills and content.

In High School students may begin taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes starting in 10th grade. These challenging college-level courses require a high level of academic focus and provide challenges for all our students. While all our courses are considered college preparatory, we also work to scaffold learning so that all students can be successful.

In both Middle and High School, we provide a range of athletic opportunities where students learn the value of teamwork, experience the rewards of hard work, and create lasting memories with friends and coaches.  The same is true for our music program, where many students find a place to showcase their talents and belong to an ensemble.

I hope you’ll join us at BFS as we continue to meet our mission and collaborate to live our motto, Embracing Diversity, Striving for Excellence.

Carl Brenneman,
Middle and High School Principal


ACS-WASC visited BFS from March 6-10, 2022 for a full review of the school’s progress toward achieving its action plan. Following that visit, BFS was granted a six-year accreditation through June of 2028, with a mid-cycle visit in the 2024-25 school year. In addition to granting continued accreditation, the visiting committee noted these areas of strength at BFS.

  • The updated Student Learner Outcomes are woven throughout the fabric of the school. They are known and valued by students, faculty, and parents.

  • BFS is a warm and welcoming community where students feel known, and cared for, and have a deep sense of belonging.

  • BFS has been intentional in the implementation of programs such as Responsive Classroom morning meetings, advisory, and Second Step to support the social-emotional learning and well-being of students

  • The academic programs at BFS set up students for success after high school. There is evidence of strong student achievement in academics, as measured against NWEA MAP, PSAT, SAT, and AP normed data.

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