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Our Team

Our team consists of administrators, certified teachers and specialists, instructional assistants, main office staff, and school operations staff.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

Busan Foreign School encourages students, teachers, and parents/guardians to work as a community of learners, fostering the traits of a true SHARK.

The value of Team Sports

At BFS we believe that exercise and fitness contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

BFS offers many competitive sports all school year round to all students, regardless of skill level.

A Balanced Education

Busan Foreign School strives to offer a balanced program of academics, athletics, and arts. We believe that both academic and nonacademic life are equally important

and help to shape our students into model citizens of the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.

BFS students are prepared to enter top universities worldwide and become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Busan Foreign School - New Town - Haeundae

Located in the popular Haeundae New Town area, BFS is easily accessible via private or public transport.

Its vicinity to several major express-ways makes it ideal for daily Ulsan, Changwon, or Jinhae commuters.

The American international school of Busan

University preparatory program for ages 3-18
Vivian C. (9) was one of 6 students who initially responded with interest in participating in the Inisio Hacks Hackathon.  No read more...
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            Chloe Jang, a senior at Busan Foreign School, just launched her own iOS app called read more...
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Quick Links


📣 The 8th Graders adeptly ran their Q2 Assembly during Advisory this morning. They collaborated three committees: Script Writers, Vibe Setters, and Game Organizers…
Vibe Setters greeted Grade 6 and 7 Advisories, conducting a "follow the leader" icebreaker to get active communicators ready. Then they transferred leadership to the Game Leaders for different communication activities: Count'n On It, Noodle Doddlin', and See It, Say It (No Peeking). Each station had students practicing communicating in collaborative ways. Script Writers and Vibe Setters collaborated to create presentations reminiscing our second-quarter experiences like Humans of BFS, school portraits, and Thanksgiving. #SHARKvalues #ActiveCommunicator #bfs #busanforeignschool #MSassembly

❄️ BFS Parents ~ Join us for our Elementary Winter Concert this Friday, December 1st at 5 pm! ...Our music teacher and the students have been diligently working on their performances; we can’t wait to see! 🩰🎶🎤 #bfswinterconcert #bfsmusic #musicperformance #busanforeignschool

BFS STEM Club members in grades 4-5 participated in the SKAC ES STEM Fair at GIFS on November 29, ...2023. These Hardworking Sharks have spent the past couple of months with their experiments and making observations to come to a conclusion for their topics. In grade 4, Léa and Hina won second place for the topic question, “Does the amount of light have an effect on mold growth?” Ms. Kim is extremely proud of all the STEM club members for their efforts of exploration and participation. Great work Sharks!

#bfs #busanforeignschool #busancommunity #sharks #bfssharks #internationalschool #sociallyconscious #hardworking #activecommunicator #respectful #keeplearning #부산외국인학교 #부산국제학교

Today K5 and 4th grade came together for Call to Earth day. This day is organized by CNN in order ...for students to play a part in protecting our earth. This week Kindergarten has been learning about how humans impact the environment and what they can do to help make it a better place. 🌏💚 #calltoearthday #calltoearthday2023

#bfs #busanforeignschool #busancommunity #sharks #bfssharks #internationalschool #sociallyconscious #hardworking #activecommunicator #respectful #keeplearning #부산외국인학교 #부산국제학교

BFS students participated in high-level diplomacy and political debates at JejuMUN X, hosted by KIS... Jeju. Students explored substantive and salient issues including: the China-Taiwan relationship, the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, and tackled ways to reduce the global drug trade and responsibly dispose of chemical weapons. They also reassessed British-colonial relations before the American Revolution. Dozens of speeches, motions, and questions were made to ultimately craft and pass resolutions. Congratulations to Daniil N (8) for participating in his first conference, Vivian C (9) and David C (10) passed resolutions and private directives in their committees. Sophomore Joy C won Outstanding Delegate for her work representing China on disposing of chemical weapons, and Evan Z (10) won Best Delegate representing Bangladesh for his diplomatic work on combating the global drug trade. Congratulations to these emerging diplomats!

#bfs #busanforeignschool #busancommunity #sharks #bfssharks #internationalschool #sociallyconscious #hardworking #activecommunicator #respectful #keeplearning #부산외국인학교 #부산국제학교

Dear families, The PTSO would like to remind you of their upcoming meeting this on Friday, December... 1st at 11:30 am. (BFS Auditorium [B1]) The meeting with start with Coffee with the principals and be followed with the PTSO meeting. We look forward to welcoming you, and having a cup of coffee together.

#bfs #busanforeignschool #busancommunity #sharks #bfssharks #internationalschool #sociallyconscious #hardworking #activecommunicator #respectful #keeplearning #부산외국인학교 #부산국제학교

Happy Thanksgiving BFS! 🦃 Here are some bits from our Thankful Tree. We’re grateful for all of... YOU! 🥰 #thankful #thanksgiving #bfscommunity

We celebrated Thanksgiving today with our students, teachers, staff, and parents! There was a ...Turkey Trot this morning, a feast together with parents in the afternoon, and we ended the day with Turkey BINGO! We thank our wonderful BFS community for making it a memorable day. 🦃💙#bfscommunity #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2023 #gobblegobble #bfs

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