Educators. Mentors. Professionals. Inspirations. 

Our faculty members are passionate educators with a deep knowledge of the subjects they teach. They guide and engage students in their learning journeys while also inspiring students to be their best selves. From the moment students arrive at BFS, they’re surrounded by teachers who help them strive for excellence in academics while receiving support, attention, and insights from everyone in their classroom. Our faculty are lifelong learners who are committed to giving your child the best learning experience while at BFS.







Early Childhood and Elementary

Jennifer Sandstrom

PK3 Teacher

Stephanie Smyth

K4 Teacher

Sydney Tolbert

Kindergarten Teacher

Justin Cassel

Grade 1 Teacher

Michele Underwood

Grade 2 Teacher

Prescilia Ndjana

Grade 3 Teacher

Courtney Pehl

Grade 4 Teacher

Andrew Hernandez

Grade 5 Teacher

Lucas Kavanaugh

K-2 ELL Teacher

Olga So

 3-5 ELL Teacher

Kayoung ‘Lina’ Kim

PK3 Assistant

Hojung Lee

K4 Assistant

Sujin Chang

Kindergarten Assistant

Middle and High School

Amber Brenneman

Middle School English Teacher

Kyla Tempest

Middle School Science Teacher

Joe Yang

Middle School Math Teacher

Nathaniel Kebbas

Middle School ELL Teacher

Andrés Cassinello

High School Spanish Teacher

Matt Hanawalt

Middle and High School Math Teacher

Michael Gates

High School Math Teacher

Michael Van Genderen

Middle and High School Math Teacher

Ashley Cottier

Middle School ELA and History Teacher

Alec Bishop

High School English Teacher

Lauren Amorós

High School Social Studies & Language Teacher

Simon Lee

High School Science Teacher

Verónica Viera

High School Social Studies Teacher

Dylan Barnes

Middle and High School Computer Science Teacher

Caitlin Kimak

Middle and High School Social Studies Teacher

Nikki Harris

MSHS Band Teacher


Andréa Calderon

K-8 Spanish Teacher

Becki Pochon

K-12 Music & Choir Teacher

Heejin Lee

Korean Teacher

Helen Kim

K-12 Maker Space Teacher

Patrick Galles

K-12 Athletic Director & P.E. Teacher

Sofi Singley

K-12 School Counselor

Soo-hyun Hwang

K-12 Art Teacher

Stephanie Platt

School Librarian

Tania Rodriguez

K-12 Academic Support Coordinator

Yuri Jung

Library Assistant

Office Staff

Hyunsuk Kim

School Nurse

Goeun Choi

Marketing Manager

Seonghyun Park

Administrative Assistant

Jeehae Park

Administrative Assistant

Naro Ha


Hyunbo Shin

Technology Specialist

_MS Jiyoung Le

Jiyoung Lee

Admissions Manager