BFS Student Publications

BFS student publications play a multifaceted role in our school community. They serve as a source of information, promote dialogue, build community, develop skills, and promote free expression and press freedom. Currently, there is the School Newspaper Club (BUSAN.IZ) and Global Affairs Magazine (GAM) Club.


Introducing the BFS Newspaper Club, Busan IZ! This student-led publications was created to enhance the former student newspaper. Founded in January 2021, the members of this club are dedicated to amplifying diverse voices within our school and beyond. Our publication captures the essence of school, historical, and global events. Join us as we navigate the currents of news and opinions, bridging communities through the power of storytelling. Welcome to BUSAN.IZ, where every voice finds its place!

Global Affairs Magazine (GAM)

Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine Editor Team is thrilled to announce the release of this year’s edition of our high school literary magazine, Voices! This magazine showcases the talent and creativity of our student body, featuring a diverse collection of poetry, short stories, essays, artwork, and photography.