Middle School Book Review

Nowhere Boy, By Elise McCredie 

Adventure Fiction

Nowhere Boys is an adventure fiction story written by Elise McCredie, that features four kids running around town searching for a way to enter back to their universe. After going on a school excursion Felix, Sam, Andy, and Jake fall off a big cliff. They wake up to a farmer asking if they’re alright. The farmer drives them back to town, but this time it’s different. The buildings are the same, the people are the same, but these people have no idea who they are. At this point, they realize that they have entered another universe. They have to work together to try and rebuild their status while also trying to get back to their universe. They face many problems along the way including jail, demon attacks, and much more. I would rate this book a perfect 5-star because it has a bunch of exciting bumps and struggles. If you like the books Hatchet, The Jungle Book, and Life of Pi then you would enjoy this book greatly. Now it’s time for you to start reading the Nowhere Boys.

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