Middle School Book Review

Dead Wednesday by Jerry Spinelli

Paranormal Fiction

Dead Wednesday written by Jerry Spinelli is a Paranormal Fiction book. The author tells the story on how living with change is an important part of your life. Jerry Spinelli makes a fantastic story about a shy, but normal kid with good friends when someone finds him and he has to try to communicate with them. There are timestamps showing what happens in a span of just minutes and there are also days. The author uses the setting and the characters to really bring the story to life. The story transitions really well and the words used makes the story better than it already is. I would rate this book 4.5 stars, I thought there was a little too much cussing and some parts of the story didn’t make much sense. If you were a kid below the age of 10, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. If you love a book with small sections and ghost’s, this is for you.

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