Middle School Book Review

Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos

Historical Fiction

Dead End in Norvelt is a hilarious historical fiction book written by Jack Gantos. The book is about an ordinary kid named Jack whose life was going to become way more thrilling. This book includes multiple intriguing condiments to the story such as mystery, death, history, long held grudges, and broken relationships. Jack gets grounded for the whole summer because he cut down his moms corn without her permission. After that many obituaries are written and multiple bad or good adventures happen. Overall rating for this story would be about four out of five stars. The reason I rated this book four out of five stars is because it is really slow paced, and takes a long time to reach the action-packed parts. If you would like to read this book I think you would like to read Hatchet, because it has the same genre and learns a similar lesson to use your disadvantages to your advantages.

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