Middle School Book Review

A Kind of Spark, by Elle McNicoll

Realistic Fiction

A Kind of Spark written by Elle McNicoll is a realistic fiction about a girl in middle school named Adeline not fitting into her class for being autistic and her opinion is not valued. However, her family shows her all the love she needs and stands up for Adeline. She has two supportive sisters named Keedie and Nina who had stood up for her when she was wrongly accused of hitting a girl. Elle McNicoll has written five books so far and the most popular is A Kind of Spark. The title A Kind of Spark is meaningful to the book because Adeline has a kind of spark that nobody usually understands. I would rate this book 4.5 stars because the book was good itself but in the book I don’t like the part where the book starts talking about witches, because I don’t understand how people think Adeline is a witch. Personally, my favorite character is Audrey because she was friends with Adeline and stood up for Adeline too. If you enjoyed this book then you would probably enjoy Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicoll or Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

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