Vivian C. (9) was one of 6 students who initially responded with interest in participating in the Inisio Hacks Hackathon.  Not only was she the sole finisher among the group, but she was also named as a winner in the competition!

Vivian’s project submission, “Issues with Today’s Education,” can be found alongside other winning projects on the winners’ page within the project gallery: Inisio Hacks Project Gallery. Her project’s individual page can be explored at: Issues with Today’s Education.

Inisio Hacks, an advocate for empowering students in the art of project development for social good, framed this year’s theme around education. The three-day competition presented participants with three participation tracks: ideathon, beginner, and advanced. Vivian stepped into the beginner category with her program “Issues with Today’s Education.” Her creation, an interactive quiz, prompts users to a brief exam of their awareness of today’s educational issues and offers further insights on how individuals can contribute to positive change in education.   You can try Vivian’s project here: Issues with Education Today on CodeHS.

Vivian’s project carries a strong sense of purpose. She believes that education is an essential foundation for success in society. However, recognizing the flaws in the existing education system, she created her project as a call to action. In her words, “There are things everyone needs to thrive and succeed in society—one being a stable education. However, with the many problems of our current education system, it’s not looking very bright for the future. In order to resolve these issues in the future, we, the current students, need to take action by spreading awareness first.”

To bring her vision to life, Vivian created a straightforward Python program to craft an accessible quiz for the general public. Her proudest achievement was making her project user-friendly while equipping it to disseminate knowledge and encourage a deeper understanding of education systems. In the process, she broadened her Python programming expertise and gained a profound insight into the intricacies of educational systems. Her research into statistics regarding education was particularly eye-opening, motivating her to share this critical information with others.

Vivian looks to further improve her project. She envisions enhancing her project with additional statistics and questions, offering users more opportunities to explore potential solutions to improve education.

In recognition of her achievement, Vivian earned a series of well-deserved prizes, including a coding interview prep course from Interview Cake, a 1Password Family plan, an Echo 3D Pro Tier subscription, a free domain from XYZ Domains, and a digital certificate of participation from Certopus Certificates.

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