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Busan Foreign School offers a variety of after-school clubs from Kindergarten k-5 to Grade 12.
These activities are given by existing BFS teachers and for the most parts free of charge.

School club activities take place between 3:40 pm and 4:40 pm.
A late school bus is available for students living in the Haeundae and Ulsan areas.

Extracurriculars are announced during the first month of school and confirmed one week before the beginning of each quarter (please check the Events Calendar for the quarter start dates).

There can be changes throughout the year so please check the information on this website frequently!

Some after-school club activities have a limit of student participants.
If the limit is reached the school will apply a first arrived first served policy.

Season 1: Sep 13 to Dec 2
Activity Grades Day S1 S2
Reading  Support Club K5-G2 Monday & Thursday
Hula Hoop Dance Club Gr.3-5 Thursday
Anchored4Life Leadership Club Gr.3-5 Monthly during school day
Taekwondo (external) K5-G2 Tuesday
Musical Club Gr.3-5 Thursday

Below is the offering for sports:

Activity Grades Day Seasons
SKAC Cross Country 3rd – 5th Tuesday and Friday Aug 22 ~ Nov 8
SKAC Futsal 3rd – 5th Monday and Thursday Aug 22 ~ Nov 5
SKAC Volleyball 3rd – 5th Monday and Thursday Nov 21 ~ Feb 21
Tennis (external) 1st – 7th Tue/Thu/Fri Aug 23 ~ Oct 21
Tennis (external) 1st – 7th Saturdays Aug 20 ~ Oct 22

Chess Club Introduction

Dungeons and Dragons Introduction

Volunteer Club Introduction

Entrepreneurship Club Introduction

We Write On Club Introduction

S1: September 16th ~ December 6th
S2: February 4th ~ May 8th

Below is the offering for sports:

Activity Grades Day Seasons
MS Volleyball 6th – 8th Girls – Monday and Thursday
Boys – Tuesday and Friday
Nov 15 ~ Feb 24
MS Futsal 6th – 8th Girls – Tuesday and Thursday
Boys – Monday and Thursday
Sep 6 – Nov 13
MS Basketball 6th – 8th Girls – Tuesdays and Fridays
Boys – Tuesdays and Fridays
Mar 11 ~ May 13
HS Volleyball 9th – 12th Girls – Tuesdays and Fridays
Boys – Monday and Thursday
Sep 6 – Nov 20
HS Futsal 9th – 12th Girls – Mondays and Thursdays
Boys – Tuesdays and Fridays
Girls: Feb 28
Boys: Mar 1
HS Basketball 9th – 12th Girls – Monday, Thursday, Friday
Boys – Monday, Tuesday, FridayPractice Schedule
Nov 22 ~ Mar 8
MS/HS Cross Country 6th – 12th Monday and Friday Sep 6 – Nov 17
MS/HS Track and Field 6th – 12th To be decided April ~ May TBD
No items.