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Busan Foreign School offers a variety of after-school clubs from Kindergarten k-5 to Grade 12.
These activities are given by existing BFS teachers and for the most parts free of charge.

School club activities take place between 3:40 pm and 4:40 pm.
A late school bus is available for students living in the Haeundae and Ulsan areas.

Extracurriculars are announced during the first month of school and confirmed one week before the beginning of each quarter (please check the Events Calendar for the quarter start dates).

There can be changes throughout the year so please check the information on this website frequently!

Some after-school club activities have a limit of student participants.
If the limit is reached the school will apply a first arrived first served policy.

Season 1: September 11th ~ December 1st
 Grade           Day

(Start Date)

Activity Description Teacher





Taekwondo Club


Taekwondo is an art of self defense originated in Korea and is one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world. Students will start with basic Taekwondo moves and advance to earn their yellow belt. Master Heo




Gymnastics Club


Gymnastics Club will help students to practice how to control their bodies with balanced movements and coordination. Gymnastics can also develop mental focus, strength, and flexibility.  Master Heo



Fridays Ballet Club Students will learn the basics of the ballet movement while being able to have fun interactions with their friends. The class will include a simple floor exercise and a fun game incorporating ballet.

Max. 10 students.

Lauren Lee

Chloe Jun





Dance Club

Do you love to dance? In this club, students will build skills using Just Dance and develop choreography.


Thursdays STEM Fair Club Students will prepare to

participate in the SKAC ES STEM Fair on December 1st at Daegu International School (DIS).  All work on the STEM Fair project must be completed during the STEM Fair Club. Interested students will receive an application to complete before being accepted into this club.

Max. 12 students.

Ms. Kim


Tuesdays Film Club Students will use iPads and green screens to create short films. Mr. Hernandez



during school day


Leadership Club

Anchored4Life is a peer-to-peer club that provides opportunities to learn and strengthen leadership skills, build character, enhance social skills, and improve their self-esteem by actively supporting peers with transitions such as moving and making new friends.

A4L is sponsored by the United States military, but it is open to all students. Interested students will complete an application to complete before being accepted into this club.

Max. 8 students

Ms. Harvey

Below is the offering for sports:

  • ES Futsal (G&B)  Mon & Thu  Aug 28 ~ Oct 24
  • ES Cross Country Tue & Fri  Aug 29 ~ Nov 22
  • ES Volleyball (G&B) Mon & Fri Nov 21 ~ Feb 14
  • ES Basketball (G&B)  Mon & Fri  Apr 1 ~ June 1
Club Name Student Leader (s) Staff Sponsor Purpose
NHS Mr. Brenneman Promote academic excellence
HS StuCo Sona P. and Victoria Y. Ms. Kimak Build community and execute events
MS StuCo Mina C. and Danny N. Ms. Brenneman/Ms. Tempest
Palette Jiwon J. and Christy S. Ms. Harris Include BFS students who want to learn dance routines
Model UN Ms. Kimak Simulate UN Meetings and international crises.
HS Singing Group Ms. Pochon To create more opportunites to sing in a vocal group and to enhance learning of choir students in HS
Chess Club Mr. Cassinello Play chess, engage in SKAC chess events
Newspaper club Valentine K. Mr. Cassinello Write newspaper articles and publish a monthly student newspaper
First Aid Club Nurse Kim Train students
GSA Grace C. Ms. Amoros Provide a safe space for LBGTQ students and those who support them
Smash Club Mr. Lee Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and make friends.
Yearbook Ms. Ndjana and Ms. Tolbert Complete the yearbook
The Stringers Provide a creative outlet for strings players at BFS to prepare for performances
Art Club Jiwon J. Ms. Soo Produce art works, hold exhibitions, and sell artwork for funding worthy projects
For Girls Club Bella K. Ms. Amoros Raise awareness and funds for women’s health issues in developing countries
Service Club Victoria Y. and Sona P. Find Volunteer opportunities in the community
Season 1 Sports Gr. 6-12 students Mr.Galles Competitive Team Sports and League-wide Tournaments
Shark Athletic Association Mr. Galles Student organization focused on supporting BFS Athletics & Activities
Global Affairs Magazine Ryan S. Ms. Amoros Publish non-fiction works related to global matters
Math Club Grace C. Mr. Gates

Below is the offering for sports:

Boys MS Futsal (Tue & Fri, 3:40-4:40pm) Aug. 29 ~ Nov. 14, 2023
Girls MS Futsal (Tue & Fri, 3:40-4:40pm) Aug. 29 ~ Nov. 14, 2023
Boys HS Volleyball (Tue & Fri, 3:40-5:50pm) Aug. 29 ~ Nov. 18, 2023
Girls HS Volleyball (Mon & Thu, 3:40-5:50pm) Aug. 28 ~ Nov. 18, 2023
MS Cross Country (Mon & Fri, 3:40-4:40pm) Aug. 28 ~ Nov. 22, 2023
HS Cross Country (Mon & Fri, 3:40-4:40pm) Aug. 28 ~ Nov. 22, 2023
No items.