Middle School Book Review

The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

Historical Fiction

 The Night Diary is a Historical Fiction and it talks about one family and there is a twelve-year-old girl named Nisha who lived through this tumultuous time. Nisha’s mother is Muslim and she died when Nisha and her sister were born. The family is Hindu but Nisha’s closest friend is Muslim. Nisha’s dad Papa is scared that the family will get in significant danger so Papa doesn’t let Nisha be friends with the others. If you are wondering to read this book, I recommend this book to you because it is a very sad story and it talks about the ability to bring people together and tear them up. I rate this book 4-5 because it is very you might also be wondering what kind of person Nisha is. She is a very shy character who always writes diaries and she changes throughout the book and is brave. After all, as long as everyone is together, that is all that matters.

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