Middle School Book Review

How To Make Friends With The Sea by Tanya Guerrero


How To Make Friends With The Sea by Tanya Guerrero is a fictional book about a boy named Pablo who moves to a small town by the sea in the Philippines. Pablo has autism and finds comfort in and happiness in the sea even though he sometimes will puke. The book shows us how Pablo makes friends and feels more confident in himself. This heartwarming story explores themes of friendship, family, and overcoming fears. I would rate this book three out of five stars because the relationship between the family, Pablo, and Miguel has been a real struggle and the structure of the setting is confusing in the beginning, but as you read more you get to know what the format of the setting is. The author’s simple and engaging writing style makes the students from 3rd to 7th grade makes it easy to understand and dive into this deep adventure and the importance of friendship and connection throughout the story and keeps you thrilled while reading. If you enjoy fictional books like A Place at the Table, I’m sure that you will enjoy and love this story. So what are you waiting for! Go grab a copy and get ready to dive into an amazing book!

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