Middle School Book Review

A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying, Kelly Armstrong

Fantasy Fiction

The book A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying, by Kelly Armstrong, is a thrilling fantasy fiction book filled with mythical creatures like Unicorns and Gryphons. This book is based on a 12 year old princess, Rowan who was destined to be a queen when she grew up, and her brother Rhydd to be a royal monster hunter, the most dangerous job in the country. Rowan is always worried about her brother, because he is the only kid that is so close to her, and his traveling to kill monsters might kill him. But one day, the current royal monster hunter Jannah, was killed and Rhydd was badly injured by a Gryphon. Now from the danger of the monsters and the prevent from the evil rule from lord Herward, Rowan must set out on a journey to slay a Gryphon to become the new royal monster hunter. This book is awesome and I rate this book 4.5 stars because it is very exciting and adventurous and has alot of character development. Also, this book is a series and has other books, which I recommend. Another recommended series are Gregor the Overlander, which is also amazing.

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