In a showcase of talent, pride, and creative brilliance, students at BFS participated in our Busan is Ready Contest. In light of Busan’s bid to host the World Expo 2030, we invited students to express their unwavering support through video, art, or essays. The response was nothing short of impressive, with entries brimming with enthusiasm for our beautiful cities’ ambitions.

Entries were judged on their relevance, originality, creativity, collaboration (if applicable), impact, and quality of execution. The submissions displayed a profound connection to Busan’s aspirations, offering a variety of perspectives that truly showcased the vibrancy and commitment of our students.

After careful evaluation, three exceptional entries emerged as the winners, each capturing the essence of Busan’s readiness to host a global event of monumental significance. These young talents were honored at an intimate Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

Winners were presented with certificate awards and gift cards by the school owner, Mr. Ron Haddon, alongside Principals, Ms. Lauren Harvey and Mr. Carl Brenneman. The moment was not just a celebration of their artistic and creative talents but also a recognition of their dedication to Busan’s future. Please join us in congratulating:

  • Music Video Award: Joy, Skylar, David, Mire, Sky, & Evan

  • Art Award: Miru E.

  • Essay Award: Bobby L.

The Busan is Ready Contest truly exemplified the incredible potential of our students. It served as a testament to their commitment to the city and the remarkable synergy between education, culture, and civic engagement. We look forward to witnessing these students’ bright futures and their continued support for Busan’s journey towards the World Expo 2030.

See the video winner here:

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