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Bидение BFS

Мы считаем, что все учащиеся, независимо от их финансового или социального положения, имеют равное право на качественное образование.

Цели BFS

Наша миссия состоит в том, чтобы вдохновить каждого ученика, обеспечить его всем небходимым для их социального, интеллектуального, эмоционального и физического развития. Учащиеся BFS готовятся стать студентами лучших вузов мира, ответственными, продуктивными гражданами стремительно меняющегося мира. Наша приверженность интеллектуальному взаимопониманию и крепкому союзу учащихся, родителей и учителей позволяет нам достичь этой цели в атмосфере взаимной поддержки и заботы.

Our students hail from 20 different nations.

They all feel at home at BFS.

SLOs stands for School-wide Learner Outcomes.

Busan Foreign School encourages students, teachers, and parents/guardians to work as a community of learners, fostering the traits of a true SHARK.

S-Socially Conscious: Be empathetic!

Socially Conscious students care about everyone.

  • Develop empathy and awareness for being inclusive of different opinions and experiences
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of various cultures
  • Demonstrate an ability to work well in individual and group settings
  • Demonstrate ethical social and academic behaviors

H-Hardworking: Do your best work!

Hardworking Learners do their best.

  • Formulate and pursue goals as lifelong learners
  • Value every life situation as a learning experience and embrace failure as a learning opportunity
  • Practice healthy personal, lifelong behaviors
  • Develop persistence and diligence to achieve quality work with integrity

A-Active Communicator: Be an advocate!

Active communicators listen and collaborate.

  • Communicate clearly and authentically in English
  • Develop confidence to actively communicate and share ideas
  • Listen and respond constructively when collaborating with others
  • Recognize unfairness and injustice and advocate for self and others
  • Engage and inspire positivity in peers

R-Respectful: Be Responsible for yourself and others!

Respectful Citizens are responsible for themselves and others.

  • Become responsible citizens with an understanding of respect and diversity
  • Care for the safety and welfare of self and others
  • Develop awareness and recognize a responsibility to stand up to exclusion, prejudice, bias, and injustice.
  • Exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline and accept individual and group responsibility

K-Keep learning: We continue to learn and grow!

BFS students have a growth mindset.

  • Make an effort for individual progress
  • Be adaptable and apply one’s experiences
  • Develop creatively, artistically, and athletically
  • Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to logically reason
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and apply learning to a variety of different contexts
  • Develop and apply problem-solving strategies to real-life situations
  • Be innovative by developing creative solutions
  • BFS Sharks apply knowledge and demonstrate understanding

At BFS the student of the month/quarter awards are directly linked to these SLOs.

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