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Dear BFS families,

As countries around the world with high vaccination rates slowly but surely start getting back to a pre-pandemic normalcy, and the Republic of Korea’s recent announcement of its “living with covid-19” scheme, we would like to make you aware of the following changes to our safety protocols.
Please rest assured that your child’s safety remains our top priority.

  1. In order to facilitate track and tracing, BFS has applied for a track & trace visitors phone number. All parents will need to register their visit by calling this BFS designated number. The information collected through this number will be: phone number, date and time of visit.
    The information will be stored for four weeks and used only if needed by the KCDC for “track and trace” purposes.
    BFS’ safe call number: 080 340 6825: We recommend you save it on your phone.

  1. Parents may enter BFS during drop-off and pick-up.  The BFS lobby has been designated as a waiting area for parents.

  2. Students may enter BFS upon arrival at the school and wait in the lobby or the outdoor field until they are released to their classrooms at 8:20 am.

  3. Vaccinated spectators or spectators who can show proof of negative CPR test taken within 48 hours of the event, will be allowed to attend BFS sponsored large events (SKAC, concerts). Please be ready to show proof of vaccination or negative CPR test. You can also voluntarily provide this information through our Renweb portal by filling in the “COVID Vaccination Information” webform and uploading your proof of vaccination.

A summary of our current safety protocols can be found here. Please note the use of masks on campus remains mandatory.

As you start making plans for winter break, we would like to remind you that students who travel must follow KDCA quarantine guidelines. They may not attend school if under quarantine by the KDCA. Additionally, if a student is living with someone under quarantine as instructed by the KDCA,  they will not be allowed to attend school. Please note that quarantine exemptions require proof of a negative Covid test, which can take up to two days upon arrival to Korea.

We know some of you might feel anxious about the new normal: BFS is and will always be here to hear you and accompany you along the way.


Lauren Harvey (EC&ES Principal) and Carl Brenneman (Upper School Principal)

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