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What we care about…

In the BFS Early Childhood program, we strive to demonstrate respect for families by partnering with them to exchange information about their children’s learning and development and to share ideas about how to support learning at home and school.

How we do this…

Weekly newsletters outline curriculum highlights with skills and concepts to be covered. Our program is built around the California Preschool Learning Foundations; the foundations describe major areas of learning in which intentional teaching can support young children’s progress in preschool.

A daily communication book is sent from home to school to keep in touch about your children’s progress as well as daily updates about classroom happenings.  Monthly family homework projects are provided to extend and supplement our units of study.

Three times during the school year, we invite families to school for a program we call a Celebration of Learning. Students create simple invitations before the event and participate in writing a sign or banner to welcome families. Students have a hand in organizing the program as well, often choosing preferred songs and activities related to units of study. Early in the school year, families are welcomed for the first time to their child’s classroom. Students perform their favorite songs and poems, followed by a personal family tour of their new classroom. Later in the school year Celebration of Learning programs may include shared craft activities, a classroom scavenger hunt, learning games, book exchanges, and more. Students are excited to interact with their families in their classroom environment!

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