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Dear families,
Time goes by fast and it is almost the end of our winter break: I am grateful for the time spent with my family and friends, and look forward to a second semester of learning and growth at BFS.
As previously mentioned, we will be starting quarter 3 with two weeks of virtual learning. Please consult our website for information about our online learning expectations.
At BFS virtual learning for MS&HS takes place through the Zoom platform. Students will need to login their classroom zoom links following their Monday schedule every day.
MS/HS students will be able to access the Zoom links to their classes through Google classroom. Each classroom has a waiting room, and teachers will take attendance when they admit students.  Please help with this by ensuring that students are using their actual names on Zoom. This is also part of our safety protocol to guard against people from outside our school visiting our Zoom classrooms.
Students who are starting a new semester-based class will receive an email with the code to join the Google classroom of that teacher and also the link to the teacher’s Zoom meeting.
Our teachers are well versed in the challenges that learning through a virtual mode poses. Although our preference remains face-to-face instruction we are confident of the quality of instruction that will be delivered during the first two weeks of Q3 in January. Our student counselor, Ms. Rebecca Austin-Castillo, will be available during virtual learning: Feel free to make an appointment with her via email.
As usual, we are thankful for your support as we navigate through perpetually evolving changes in government regulations and expectations. Our priority is and will always be to keep our community safe.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions (
Carl Brenneman
Upper School Principal
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