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This school year started with a SPLASH as BFS hosted its 1st Annual Back to School Water Balloon Fight on Saturday, August 20.  

Filling over 4000 water balloons isn’t easy!!!  It took 2 days of effort on the part of both Middle and High School Student Council, teachers, parents, and other student volunteers — just in time for the first wave of pre-K and Elementary school students to arrive for the 10am bombings!

While pre-K and Kindergarten occupied the BFS roof, with some balloons, water guns, and a kiddie pool, 60+ Elementary School kids had the run of the field with multiple bins of soaking bombs at the ready. Too, too soon, they had thrown all the balloons . . . and it was time to clean up.  Kudos to the elementary school kids for quickly scouring the field for all the stray bits of balloons!!

More bins and bags filled with water balloons were brought out and it was time for the middle and high schoolers.  But, this time, there was a twist:  the teachers and parents, hot from standing in the sun all morning, decided to participate too, with Principal Macfarlane leading the charge!!!  No one was safe! And again, after the balloons had all been thrown, all the participants helped with the clean up.

Thank you all who participated — we hope you had fun, and hope to make it even better next year!!! And to all those who helped fill balloons, a very special thank you — we never could have pulled it off without each of you pitching in!!!

By Suzanne Suchyta (PTSO Vice-President)


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