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Waste Of Space By Stuart Gibbs

Waste of Space by Stuart Gibbs
Science Fiction

Waste of Space, by Stuart Gibbs, is a book where a 12 year old boy named Dash’s the main character moved into the moon because of his dad’s and mom’s job and so then a new adventure with problems came upon Dash. As the book goes on he finds a friend that is named Kira, Kira and him become best friends and so they solve mysteries of this moon and the moon base together. Soon, three problems come in a way in three books with one problem. This book includes scientific fictions, adventure, mystery’s and more that could be included in this adventure! This book I’ll give a 5/5 because it has 3 story lines with 3 books and each of them has a new adventure that comes in a way for Dash and his friends to solve and it can be in the grade level of 3rd grade-7rd grade or older as it is included to me fun and is a fun journey. I also chose this book because it was one of 3 books that I read of the series space case and this is the last one was a waste of space and this really gave me that I should read the whole series and I did so and it was a fun road trip to read this amazing book. This also gives you a perspective of how you could be feeling as you could be in the story included to, as i mean, this story is showing off as how you work as a team or alone. So why not you! Read this book as the fun journey starts.

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