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The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann

The Unwanteds, by Lisa Mcmann is within the fantasy genre. This book is a part of the series “The Unwanteds.” At first I chose this book because the cover had a cool color theme with a grand stone cheetah on it. Looking closer, there were words on the cover that read, “Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games.” I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series and also heard many good reviews about the Hunger Games so I decided that this book would be the ebay of both worlds. This book’s main characters are Alex, Mr.Today, and High Priest Justine. Mr.Today is otherwise known as Marcus and High Priest Justine and normally referred to as Justine. They are twins that go through a battle of betrayal caused by Alex. The problems revolve around the fact that the three characters live in different worlds. Justine, lives in Quill while Alex and Mr.Today lives in a hidden land of Artime. This story is mainly about Quill having a vision of the perfect world, with only perfect non creative people, called the Wanteds. You should read this book if you like adventurous stories like Harry Potter. There are also almost one problem in each chapter which makes each page so exciting. I rate this book four out of five stars because I do like some romance included in adventure books and this book had almost none. Overall, this book was rather mysterious and after reading the book you look forward to reading the other books a part of this series.


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