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SKAC DIVISIONAL (NL, Gaetane, Joy, Charlize, Angie, Chloe, Bella)

Starting the season off on Tuesday, March 19th with the SKAC Divisional Tournament held at ISB, our girls A-team played three games and won all three games.

  • Game 1 (W) 26-8 vs ISB
  • Game 2 (W) 28-7 vs DIS
  • Game 3 (W) 25-5 vs ISK

Leading Scorers: NL (26), Gaetane (21), Joy (16)

KISAC CHAMPIONSHIP      (NL, Joy, Angie, Chloe, Reenha, Mishel, Makaylin, Keegan, Isabel)

On May 10th and 11th our MS girls basketball team traveled to Jeju Island to participate in the KISAC MS girls basketball tournament. The girls played 6 games, winning five games and losing just one game by 1 point.  

  • Game 4 (W) 20-9 vs KISJ  
  • Game 5 (W) 21-11 vs NLCS
  • Game 6 (L) 11-12 vs BHA
  • Game 7 (W) 28-8 vs ISB
  • Game 8 (W) 30-9 vs NLCS (Semi Final)
  • Game 9 (W) 18-8 vs ISB (Championship Game)
  • Leading Scorers: NL (58), Angie (42), Joy (24)

SKAC CHAMPIONSHIP (NL, Gaetane, Joy, Charlize, Angie, Chloe, Bella)

On Wednesday, May 15th BFS hosted the SKAC MS girls basketball Finals. Our Lady Sharks dominated play throughout the tournament posting 4 wins and taking home the championship trophy!  

  • Game 10 (W) 27-10 vs ISB
  • Game 11 (W) 39-3 vs ISK
  • Game 12 (W) 43-8 vs DIS
  • Game 13 (W) 42-13 vs ISK (Championship Game)

Leading Scorers: Angie (45), NL (44), Charlize (30), Gaetane (15)

On the season our Lady Sharks outscored their opponents 358-111, an average score of 28-9 in all games played. 13 points were the most points any team scored against the Sharks all season!

Coach Barnes and Coach Galles want to congratulate each and every team member for their hard work, dedication to their team, and their strong desire to learn the game and improve each and every time they take the floor to compete.

By Patrick Galles
Athletics Director and MS Girls coach

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