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This past weekend I had the pleasure of being in the company of keynote speaker and well know spokesman for the NGSS platform Paul Anderson.  The workshop was hands on and inspirational from the word “go”.  Our small group of science teachers from all backgrounds and corners of the globe were pushed well beyond our comfort zones and conventional scientific instruction methods to create lessons and demonstrations that will inspire young minds.

The takeaway of the weekend was this:

The goal of science education is not merely to teach age old scientific concepts to the next generation but to equip the next generation with skills of Inquiry, Investigation and Explanation that they may be able to create new scientific concepts.

As a teacher I consider myself a lifelong learner and this past conference taught me a lot and I am excited to put it into practice. Of all the science curricula I have been exposed to the NGSS is by far the most focused on student understanding and mastery.

By Scott Cressey (MS Science Teacher) about the Next Generation Science Standards Professional Development he attended in Kuala Lumpur

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