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Successful BFS MUN Team Returns From SKAC Tournament:

The BFS Model United Nations (MUN) Club finished up another successful season with a strong finish at the SKAC MUN Tournament in Kwangju last Tuesday. BFS fielded its largest MUN team so far, with 25 students participating. With 6 schools from across southern Korea, competition was fierce, as students debated issues torn from the headlines, including the crisis in Yemen, deforestation, the rights of migrant children, and cyber-warfare. With 5 committees to compete in, this was the biggest SKAC MUN Tournament yet.

The end tally: 4 BFS students chaired committees:

  • Ilya Kim: General Assembly I
    Hidaya Mansour: General Assembly II
  • Amaya Anzola: Human Rights Committee
  • Nauman Shaikh: Security Council

3 resolutions by BFS students were passed, out of a total of only 12.

Tae Kang, representing the UK in GA II

And Inah Jung (Mexico) & Albert Oh (Philippines) in Human Rights (Note: This is Inah and Albert’s 1stMUN)

And 3 BFS students were voted Most Valuable Delegate or Honorable Mention by their peers on each committee:

  • William Lee (UK) MV Delegate in Security Council
  • Jin Kim (UK) MV Delegate in HR Committee
  • Yushin Cho (Iran) Honorable Mention in GA I

Most of all BFS students were in the thick of the action, building alliances, arguing for and defending proposals, making new friends, and learning first-hand how international negotiations work with top students from other schools.

Hats off to our BFS MUN Sharks! And to co-coaches Tim Neeno and Heidi Gleb.

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