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October celebrates the “social” student of the month. Congratulation to all our winners!

PK-3            Markis Asberry

PK-4            Catherine Mullaney

K-5              Shiou-bin Wang

1st Grade    Kristina Kuryndina

                   Benjamin Poppe

2nd Grade    Ariel Dimmitt

                       Eugene Chun

3rd Grade    Jack Mullaney

                      Claire Jung

4th Grade    Liam Mullaney

                      Nayoung Jang

5th Grade    Gracie Dimmitt

                       Nile Ham

What does it mean to be “social”?

  • That you are “good” with people
  • Become responsible citizens with an understanding of respect and diversity
  • Communicate clearly and accurately in English
  • Demonstrate an ability to work in individual and group settings
  • Receive and interpret messages in an effective manner

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