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High School Team

Six high school Sharks represented BFS at the SKAC Debate tournament last Saturday at DIS. In Debate, teams research a topic and argue opposite sides of that topic in timed rounds. Each team will argue for each side of the topic in at least one round. This year’s high school topic was  Resolved: Since the 21st century requires skills related almost solely to using technology (STEM), a humanities-based education no longer has any value.

Team #1 consisting of Won Kim, William Lee, and Jin Kim won their first two rounds and lost in the third round to the eventual tournament winner from GIFS. They missed being the #2 seed in the final round (which determined the tournament winner and runner-up) by only seven points; this is just over one point, per team member, per round.  Trenton Soumphonphakdy, Brayden Kloster, and John Hong on Team #2 did beat the GIFS team which later won the tournament. All participants gained valuable experience in the areas of critical thinking and public speaking. Congratulations to all six young men! And to Kale Barrer for photographing our Sharks in action.
By Heidi Glebb, Librarian

Elementary Team

Our Elementary team did great. Out of the top six, three awards came to us:
  • Ana Maria-Grade 4
  • Joy- Grade 5
  • Grace- Grade 4
A reflection of all the hard work that they put into the preparations, and outstanding teacher counseling.
Proud BFSers!

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