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Almost the end of the school year. This last week is an intensive one, with final exams and the moving on and graduation ceremonies. We are also taking the time to acknowledge those individuals that have excelled and lived our school values, providing a good example to their peers.


  • Socially Conscious: Chiyeon (9)
  • Hardworking: Amaya (12) and Danil (9)
  • Articulate: Michelle (9)
  • Respectful: Brian Cho (9)
  • Knowledgeable: Inah (9) and Michaela (9)
  • Socially Conscious:  Victoria (7)
  • Hardworking:  David  (7)
  • Articulate:  Charlize  (8)
  • Respectful:  Justice (6)
  • Knowledgeable:  Bella (7)

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