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Tuesday November 20thmarked the annual SKAC STEM fair and BFS should up and showed off their scientific and technological abilities.  This year the event was hosted by D.I.S and they put on a fantastic show that everyone enjoyed.  There about 50 contestants from 6 schools representing categories in each of the following disciplines; Environmental Science, Computer/Engineering, Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology and Robotics.

All the participants this year should be proud of the work they put in and the data they got to present. Special mention should go to a few of our own students at BFS who placed with their projects.

First Place HS Chemistry
Michelle Moon, Lucy Park
Category: Chemistry
Title: What is the best way to remove permanent marker stains?

Second Place HS Computers
William Lee
Category: Computers
Title: Which type of file takes up the most space?

Please congratulate them on a job well done.

By Scott Cresser
BFS Science Teacher


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