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BFS set off to Scripps Spelling Bee in Kwanju Foreign School competing against several international schools.

Woorim Chang and Noah Cressey did an outstanding job representing first grade, spelling words like, ‘yummy’ and ‘rain’ correctly! They made it up to round 4 of the competition, demonstrating enthusiasm and spirit.

Chloe Cho was the only representative for 3rd grade. She was incredibly meticulous and confident as she asked questions and took her time spelling out complicated words. She made it to round 4.

Bobby Li and Ian Choi participated in 2nd grade and represented BFS excellently as both participants were in the top three for first place. Every round got more intense as the words became more complicated, spelling words like ‘drawl’ and ‘quest.’ Eventually, Ian won first place in 2nd grade with his championship word, ‘worthy!’

Yena Elliott and Ana Maria Anzola battled it out to become Spelling Bee Champions for 4th grade, correctly spelling words such as, ‘guaranteed’ and ‘jackdaw’. After a number of nail-biting rounds between both girls, Ana María placed first with her championship word, ‘humidity!’

Stanley was the 8th grade winner and Andrew finished right behind him. It went 12 rounds where the spellers were spelling some very difficult words.  The championship word was libertarian. When Stanley spelled this word he was crowned the champion!

Kirill and Sona competed for the 7th grade, Tanvi and Elizabeth in 6th grade, and William and Eunhoo in 5th grade.

All participants worked incredibly hard to prepare themselves for this spelling bee competition and every competitor should be proud of their achievement.

By Ms. Aguilar and Mr. Nelson
(Spelling bee co-ordinators)

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