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IMG 7881

The speech competition was so much fun! We got to meet lots of cool friends, and got an opportunity to hear some of the speech winners speak!! I was super duper nervous to present my speech when it was my turn, but I felt relieved as soon as I was done with my speech. (Who knows? The speech thing might never end….) It was really cool to hear lots of different speeches with various topics such as small words can change a big thing (my personal favorite), personal stories, and also some environmental issues. I honestly think that everyone did an amazing job at DIS, and I can’t wait to hear the next year’s speeches! Looking back at my old speeches, it was surprising how much I had improved in the last few years. Not only was this a very fun trip to DIS, but I also think that it was an amazing opportunity for everyone who had participated. I have to say, I am so proud of our team!

By Joy Cho
Speech&debate Participant (Grade. 5)

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