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Dear Parents,
Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we have moved to virtual school these last two weeks. You entrust us with your child’s safety and we take this seriously. As we move into our last week before the winter holidays and taking into account a variety of factors we have decided:
Early Childhood & Elementary students
  • We will welcome all students physically at school for our final week of school, Monday, December 14th to Thursday, December 17th, before the winter holidays.
Middle and high school students
  • On Monday, December 14th MS & HS students will be able to attend school physically. This will allow them to meet with teachers and pick up materials from their lockers before the winter break.
  • From Tuesday, December 15th, through Thursday, December 17th, students will be online and follow the published exam schedule. Our teachers have been preparing to give projects and exams online in a way that is fair and reflective of their learning.
However, if you are uncomfortable sending your child(ren) physically to school, please contact the office to have their absence counted as an excused absence.
Warm regards,
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