Prospect Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

+ What should I expect in term of salary raise during my tenure at BFS?

Busan Foreign School salaries will increase every year according to a achedule that takes into account years of experience, and years of employment at BFS.

Your professional development budget will also increment.

If you have not yet received the step schedule, please ask Mr. Macfarlane.

+ What benefits does BFS provide?

BFS provides the following benefits:



Professional Development New teachers will receive 1,500,000 (KRW) to be used for school-approved professional development per year.
Housing A private, rent-free, furnished apartment is provided. All housing for new hires will be a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment within a 10 minute walk to campus.
Airfare Allowance The employee will be given 3,500,000 (KRW) (given in three installments) as an airfare allowance during their initial 2-year contract. The initial 1,000,000 (KRW) will be paid upon arrival to Korea. The second airfare allowance of 1,000,000 (KRW) will be paid at the end of the first school year. The third and final payment of 1,500,000 (KRW) will be paid upon completion of the two year contract. Per subsequent year signed with BFS after the initial two year contract 1,500,000 (KRW) airfare allowance will be given at the end of each school year (June). Airfare allowance is increased in case of school approved dependents.
Shipment Reimbursement New staff will be provided with the following amounts available for reimbursement of shipping costs upon presentation of receipts: 500,000 (KRW) plus an additional 100,000 (KRW) per school-approved dependent.
Settling In Allowance The employee will be reimbursed 500,000 (KRW) when arriving in Korea plus an additional 100,000 (KRW) per school-approved dependent. This will constitute reimbursement for any costs associated with preparing documents for gaining a work visa as well as provide “cash on-hand” for any items that the employee wishes to purchase. The employee pays no additional costs for visas once they have arrived in South Korea.
Dependent’s Free Attendance Children of teaching staff may attend BFS free of charge.
School Lunch Provided Lunch is provided to all staff each school day. Lunch is also provided when staff is on school-related activities.
National and supplemental health insurance Busan Foreign School will provide a comprehensive medical plan through Korea National Health. The employee and the employer will each contribute 50% to this plan.
Staff are also provided with a supplemental emergency insurance program paid for by BFS. This program offers coverage while outside of Korea on both personal and school-related business.
Retirement pension Per Korean law, employees will contribute a percentage (approximately 4.5%) of their salary to the Korean pension system.
This amount is also matched by the employer, resulting in approximately 9% of monthly salary accrual per month as retirement pension.
The employee is eligible to withdraw his or her pension when permanently leaving Korea.
Severance Pay The employee will accrue an amount equal to 8% of each base monthly salary as severance pay. The employee must be employed by BFS at least one full year to be eligible to receive a severance payout. Severance is paid at the end of each contract period (Roughly equivalent to one additional month’s pay per year).
School Year Vacation days are determined according to the official school calendar. Teachers will generally work 190 days, of which around 180 are student contact days.
Personal Days The employee has 5 days of paid personal days each school year. In addition, for any unused personal days they employee will be paid 80,000 (KRW) per day up to a maximum of 400,000 (KRW) at the end of the academic year.
Compassionate Leave The employee is allowed 5 days of paid compassionate leave each full school year.
Professional Development Days The employee has 3 days for paid leave in relation to professional development that has been approved by the school.
Maternity & Paternity Leave Female teachers are entitled to a three-month paid leave for the purposes of child birth.
Spouses are entitled to up to 15 days of paid leave and up to 15 more days of unpaid leave for their spouse’s childbirth.

+ What deductions should I expect from my salary and how are they calculated?

You can expect the following deductions:


National Pension Mandated deduction by Korean Government.  In addition, BFS contributes a matching contribution. This money is held by the Korean National Pension Service. It is available to you when you leave Korea by the KPNS.
(Employee: 4.5% of standard monthly wage / Employer: 4.5% of standard monthly wage, 2019)
Employment Insurance Employment insurance is a social insurance policy that has been introduced in order to provide livelihood support for unemployed workers, to prevent layoffs due to industrial restructuring, and to promote re-employment (However, foreigners are optional.). No foreign faculty member pays this.
Health Insurance The amount contributed to the Korean National Health Plan.  This is 50% of the amount of money owed. BFS contributes the other 50%(Employee: 3.23% of standard monthly wage / Employer: 3.23% of standard monthly wage, 2019)
Long-Term Care Insurance Part of NHIS
(Employee: 8.51% of Health Insurance / Employer: 8.51% of Health Insurance, 2019)
Income Tax National income tax which is submitted to the Korean Tax Agency every month. Around 6%.
Residence Tax 10% of Income Tax.
Late/Absentee Deduction Any deductions from days missed in excess of your contract.
Lunch Fee (for Dependent) 50% of the lunch fee for any dependent.  The school covers the other 50%.
Security Deposit Apartment security deposit, returned when you vacate your apartment at the end of your contract.
Pet Deposit Deposit for pets, returned when you vacate your apartment at the end of your contract.

+ Where are BFS Teachers lodged?

BFS teachers are housed at high-rise apartments placed at walking distance of the school, in the modern neighborhood of Jangsan, New Town, Haeundae.

The Jangsan neighbourhood is rich with grocers, restaurants, and shops. It is easily accessible via public transport (bus and subway), allowing you to discover the city of Busan at ease.

+ Are BFS Teacher apartments furnished?

Apartments are furnished with essentials, including kitchen appliances and utensils.

+ How big are BFS apartments?

BFS Teachers are granted an apartment which size depends on their status:

  • Single teachers will receive a 24 pyong (854 square foot, or 79 square meter) apartment.
  • Teaching couples without dependants will receive a 30 pyong (1067 square foot, or 99 square meter) apartment.
  • Teaching families will receive a 40 pyong (1423 square foot, or 132 square meter) apartment.

Apartment layouts are functional, and the space well utilised.

Below you can check typical apartment layouts:


+ Can I see some sample apartment pictures?