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On May 18, 2017, student council hosted another huge event: Prom!
The theme this year was A Spring Nights Dream, which matched well with the flock of fancy golden birds on the ceilings and arrangement of flowers at every table.
The event was hosted in Cacao Tree at Centum Hotel, and all high school students were invited to the three hour (6 pm – 9 pm) event with a payment of 60,000W. 
In the hour of luxurious buffet dining — featuring Western, Korean, and Chinese style dishes to a wide range of desserts such as various cookies, cakes, and fruits — students shared compliments to each other around their tables and had an extravagant feast. Soon after followed the announcement of prom king and queen which the entire high school voted for. They were presented as seniors Yuri Keenan and Minji Kwon. After their crowns were awarded, everyone was invited to the open space where they could dance with their friends. Many upbeat songs played for around two hours, and girls in dresses and boys in suits danced with their friends while some took photos or enjoyed card games with chaperones. The music resounded across the entire room dimmed with low lights, and as a closure to dance time, many students slow-danced with their partners.
As everyone woke up from their spring night’s dream and left the event, students and teachers had a huge smile on their faces.

We have uploaded prom pictures on our school’s video gallery!

Written by HS Stuco Historian Min Jeong.

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