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Dear BFS Parent,

As we approach the end of the first semester of learning at BFS, and are about to enter winter break, we would like to share some important announcements/reminders:

  • If you are planning to travel abroad during the winter break, the Korean government will require you to quarantine upon your return.
    Please note that if our campus is open we will not be able to provide a full learning experience for students who are in quarantine.

  • Kindly note that if your child lives in the same unit where other family members have been asked to self quarantine, they will not be able to physically attend school until the quarantine ends.
    We thank you for your support as we provide a safe learning environment for your children.

  • Please make sure to check your emails regularly during the holidays, specially close to January 11th as we get ready to commence our Quarter 3 of learning.

  • We understand many of you plan ahead for Summer. We would like to share with you our => calendar for the 2021-22 SY.

I am looking forward to Mr. Macfarlane’s end of year message, which will be shared by the end of today.

Best regards,

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