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The children were so excited to gather together in the auditorium on Wednesday to board THE POLAR EXPRESS! Students from PK3, K4, Grade 1, and Grade 2 arrived to school in their pajamas, ready to get cozy and watch The Polar Express, a film based on the popular children’s book written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg, with their classmates!

The children eagerly walked down the halls with golden boarding tickets in hand and pillows and blankets tucked under their arms. With excitement raising as they approached the auditorium, the children followed the train whistle and proceeded to the have their tickets punched by the conductor, Mr. Macfarlane, who was dressed in a fancy suit, conductor’s hat, and a perfectly groomed mustache to play the part! As he said, «All Abooooard,» our young passengers found a comfy place to spread their blankets and nestled in for this special holiday morning event.

Smiles and laughter filled the room, just like the boxcar in the movie, as the auditorium was adorned with homemade hanging snowflakes, twinkling holiday lights, a giant Santa, a beautifully decorated festive tree, and drawings made by the children themselves seated in giant train cars along the walls of the auditorium.

The morning wouldn’t have been complete without hot chocolate and candy canes to stir their warm and wintery cocoa, while snuggling together and enjoying the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

Upon arriving back to their classrooms, the children found that Mr. C had made a stop at BFS and delivered shiny bells from his sleigh for all! The jingling of the bells could surely be heard by all BELIEVERS!

Thank you to Mr. Macfarlane and all of the teachers who helped to make this a most joyous and memorable experience for our little ones. What a wonderful morning it was for all who truly BELIEVE! We can’t wait to board The Polar Express again next year! Happy, safe, and restful holidays to all!

By Aimee Demeers

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