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We just finished our very first Social Studies Showcase here at BFS.

One hundred ten students from Grades 6-12 participated, producing over a hundred projects, with subjects spanning the field of Social Studies from the Peloponnesian War to the current crises in Kurdistan and Kosovo.

Students were free to choose from creating an exhibit, with posters; creating a website; and making a documentary. This allowed students’ creative spirits to rise, as they honed their skills in research, public speaking, planning, artistry, and writing. Topics included women’s rights, the Red Scare, the Harlem Renaissance, the environmental movement, and the situation in Chechnya. Guided by Social studies teachers Laurel Wiehe, Ann Jones, and Timothy Neeno, students spent weeks carefully researching their chosen topics and preparing research papers, before presenting their findings before students and staff in the Social Studies Showcase. Special shout out to all the teachers, staff, and friends of the school who took their time out to act as judges.

Every student who learns something and has fun while doing it is a winner. But we wanted to acknowledge some particularly fine achievements:

MS – Documentary Division
– 1st Place: Weronika Y
– 1st Place: Charlize S
– 2nd Place: Ella P
– 3rd Place: Albert O
– 3rd Place: Edwards D
MS – Website Division
– 1st Place: Misha I
– 1st Place: Stanley C
– 2nd Place: George Ian C
– 3rd Place: Chloe J
MS – Exhibit Division
– 1st Place: Ewon K
– 1st Place: Lucy P
– 2nd Place: Nathan S
– 2nd Place: Minjune C
– 3rd Place: Alex L
– 3rd Place: Diana L
HS – Documentary Division
– 1st Place: Nastya K
– 1st Place: Soobin L
– 2nd Place: Wontang K
HS – Website Division
– 1st Place: William L
– 2nd Place: John H
– 3rd Place: Ilya K
HS – Exhibit Division
– 1st Place: Hidaya M
– 1st Place: Weon Jong U
– 2nd Place: Arina K

Written By Timothy Neeno 

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