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Today, Wednesday August 17th, we held our MS&HS Clubs Fair. Representatives from each club, and external companies the school has strong links with presented their clubs in the sports, academics, arts domain. BFS students had the opportunity to discover everything BFS has to offer and I am pretty sure more than one was surprised.

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Here are some quick and spontaneous student perspectives. Looks we have already started with our exceptional year!

  • 1. There were many different kinds of interesting clubs; Sports club, volunteer club, writing club, and etc. Compared to last year club, I could see variety of new clubs, too. 2. My friends and I were able to choose and join club easily. 3. We all had opportunities to take clubs. (Sally)
  • The MS basketball is exciting because this is my first time joining the MS basketball team and it makes me happy. This year is awesome because of the new clubs like surfing and skateboarding and people are talking about the new clubs and new coaches. This year there are a lot more clubs compared to last year and the new coaches look awesome. (John Daniel)
  • I think that club fair was pretty impressive and exciting. I saw that there were more clubs than last year and it was exciting because I like to go in different clubs, especially sport clubs. I hope that I can help those sport clubs to make a good team.(Danil)
  • Today during the clubs fair I saw students are signing to different clubs! This time we had more option to choose from. I have a great feeling about th e clubs in this year! (Maksim)
  • The BFS Sports Fair was fascinating to find new clubs to join. It was very interesting to find out new clubs that I haven’t tried before and it was also fun making new friends joining the same club. Last year was the first year BFS organized clubs, and I can see that this year, there are huge improvements of how each club is organized and how teachers explain what the whole club is about. (Amy)
  • The club fair is a place where you can learn about the BFS community. You can learn what’s going on in the sport section, the history section, the student council section, and so much more. It’s the starting point of different clubs, where different skills and interactions are built.(Charlie)
  • The club fair was full of liveliness and energy. Many clubs had come to promote their club and introduce the various activities, such as futsal, basketball, volleyball, GTA, and many more, to the middle and high schoolers. This year, a club from outside the school also came to promote the various types of activities and lessons it offered, which included surfing and boarding.(Elisha)
  • I am excited about our futsal team this year there were lots of sighed upped names. Since there is lots of member in our team we gonna have try outs to cut off few people off the team so I am kind of worried about that. I hope the season will go well and hopefully we can win the tournament. (Yuri)
  • The 2016/2017 BFS club today was very unique, and I saw lots of activities that weren’t there last year. When I signed up for many activities (6+ activities), I already knew this was going to be an exhilarating year for all of us. Another improvement I saw in this year was about how many people joined. I was overjoyed when I realized lots of people were trying out for sports they haven’t done last year! (Annika)
  • Being a new student, I was very exited to see the diverse options available. I was especially amused at the amount of sports related clubs, which wasn’t just limited to basketball and soccer, but also included activities such as surfing. Overall, I believe that it was a great opportunity for new students like me to see the variety of the clubs and get a feel for what kind of activities I’d like to do. (Wontag)
  • It was fun to see my friends walking from place to place to check out different clubs they wanted to join. There were many new clubs that I had not known about or were not able to join in middle school. Now, I am excited to join them as a high schooler! (Bini)
  • The clubs fair was astonishing! The amount of students joining a club shocked me. I thought last year we had a ton of people, but compared to thisyear it is not that much. I hope to do well in the tournaments with my friends. (Chiyeon)
  • The first impression of the club fair was intriguing because compared to last year, there were more creative clubs that I have never seen before. So, this year, I decided to join basketball, volleyball, Model UN, and History Bee and Bowl. Therefore, I believe that the clubs this year will be successful! (Harrison)
  • I personally think the Clubs Fair is a great way for students to join clubs that they may be interested in. I was here last year, and the Clubs Fair was somewhat disorienting. This year was better because the Clubs Fair was more organized and I could clearly see the improvement from last year’s Clubs Fair. I was in MS Student Council and History Bee and Bowl last year, and it makes me happy to see many people sharing my interests. I plan on joining all of the sports that involve balls, and History Bee and Bowl. I was voted Co- President of Student Council last year, so I do not have to sign up for Student Council. (William)
  • 1. We can see how many clubs are there and compare club fairs from last year. 2. My friends and I can easily choose clubs together. 3. We can have opportunity to take clubs and not miss out. Sometimes you might not know that there are club sign ups or forget about it. It is a good time for students to choose clubs. (Kevin)
  • Compared to previous year when all the clubs were mostly sports clubs like soccer or basketball, this year offers more variety. There are few new clubs like tutoring, writing, or even surfing clubs that are made by volunteering from students and teachers rather than the school. I like how the school offers students independence in choosing their clubs… By the way, I chose surfing! (Diana)
  • I’t very exciting to see all the new and old student walking around and find new things they can try and improved the one they already done before. I am surprised that so many new student are interest in clubs, I believe they will be new blood of clubs activities. I am very sure we will have a great clubs activities this year! (Liheng)
  • This year’s club fair is an opportunity for both old and new students to get to know all the information about the clubs. The teachers were recommending and the students are excited to join new clubs, giving a good head start for the clubs this year. The club fair was successful as it got many students to sign up for each club. (Ran)
  • Last year our basketball team did good but we didn’t win any awards. This year on the club fair I saw a lot of new kids signing in for the basketball team. With so many new people I think we can get an award if we try really hard. (Oleg)


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