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On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 our MS boys and girls volleyball teams participated in the Southern Korean Activities Conference Finals.  The boys played at BFS while our girls played at ISB. All of our teams played very well and improved throughout the season. Our MS boys B-team won their division at the Finals by going 3-0 to take the B-division honors prior to advancing to the quarterfinals where they suffered their only loss of the day to ISK’s A-team. Our boys A-team fought hard in all of their matches and showed great improvement throughout the season. Unfortunately, they were not able to string together their best performances as the tournament went on and our boys A-team was upset in the quarterfinals by DIS’s B-team. Congratulations to all of the boys and their coaches (Ms. Taylor and Mr. Nelson) on a great season overall.

Over at ISB, our girls B-team really played their best volleyball of the season over their first 4 round robin divisional matches, winning three of those matches 2 sets to 0 before falling in their final round-robin match in the third set by a score of 10-15 to GIFS.  With a match record of 3-1 our B-team girls won the B-division and advanced to the quarterfinals to face the ISK/BIA A-team. Our girls gave them a very good match but it was not enough in the end and the Lady Sharks fell to ISK but ended their season with great promise moving forward.

Our BFS Sharks girls’ A-team played outstanding volleyball all season long and continued to improve every time they took the floor to compete in the SKAC League. At the SKAC Finals tournament BFS’ A-team girls won all 5 of their matches and went 10-1 in all sets played on their way to winning the 2019 SKAC Championship Trophy!!

A-Team Girl’s Match Record and Statistics

Round Robin:

BFS defeated DIS:             (2-0) 25-12, 25-20
BFS defeated ISB:              (2-1) 25-14, 23-25,15-10
BFS defeated ISK/BIA:     (2-0) 25-15, 25-15


BFS defeated ISK/BIA:     (2-0) 25-5, 25-17  
Serving Statistics: 45/47 (96%)

Ball Touches: 162/178 (91%)

Championship Match:

BFS defeated DIS:           (2-0) 25-14, 25-23

Serving Statistics: 46/52 (88%)
Ball Touches: 287/305 (94%)

Semi-Final & Final Stats:

Serving Statistics: 91/99 (92%)
Ball Touches: 449/483 (93%)

Go Sharks!

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