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On Saturday, January 26th our MS boys and girls volleyball teams played in the SKAC Divisional tournament held on Goeje Island and hosted by ISK.  Our MS boys A-team finished the day in a 3 way tie for first place with a 4-1 record, while our MS girls A-team won all six of their matches on the day and finished 6-0.  Both of our boys and girls B-team also played and gained a lot of valuable playing experience.  While they did not fair as well in the W/L column they did still win a few matches and are continuing to improve daily.

Our next MS girls volleyball tournament will be held in Busan on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 22nd & 23rd (KISAC South).  This tournament will be hosted by ISB; and possibly BFS.
The SKAC MS volleyball Finals Tournament for both boys and girls will also be held in Busan on Wednesday, March 6th. This tournament will be hosted by BFS and ISB. Our girls will play at ISB while our boys will play at BFS.

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