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Dear Parent,

The school administration would like to inform you that starting January 2016 Ms. Diane Lund will be working offsite most of the time.
As previously announced, Ms. Lund is scheduled to hand over her responsibilities to our new Principal Mr. Iain MacFarlane at the end of the current school year.  
Ms. Lund has recently been offered the opportunity to work at a school in Hawai which would allow her to continue her professional growth as well as to care for and retire close to her elderly mother.  As such, the school ownership has agreed to already hand over some of her responsibilities to the current school administration and leadership teams to enable her to pursue this unique opportunity. 

Despite being located in Hawai, Ms. Lund remains engaged with our school administration and faculty and will visit us in March 2016.

Please join me in wishing Ms. Lund all the best with her new personal and career endeavours.

Glenn Saunders

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