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On Tuesday, October 1st our MS futsal teams traveled to Handong International School (HIS) in Pohang.  Our teams represented very well on the day recording 6 wins and 4 losses with one tie in 11 matches.

The A-team boys won two matches, lost one match, and tied one match. Our B-team boys won one match and lost two matches.  Our girls A-team won 3 matches and lost one match.

A-Team Boys
(W)  vs  ISK (2-1)
(L)  vs  HIS (1-5)
(W)  vs  ISB (3-0)
(T)  vs  DIS (2-2)
Goals:   Justin (4), Davion (2), John (1), Minjune (1)
B-Team Boys
(W)  vs  ISK2  (4-3)
(L)   vs  DIS3  (0-6)
(L)   vs  HIS2  (0-7)
Goals:  Noam (2), Harry (1), Noah (1)
A-Team Girls
(L)  vs  DIS  (0-6)
(W)  vs  GIFS  (5-1)
(W)  vs  ISB  (4-1)
(W)  vs  ISK  (4-0)
Goals:  Gaetane (6), Angie (4), Amber (3)
Go Sharks!
By Patrick Galles | Athletics Director
Photos courtesy of Suzanne Lee | BFS Mom
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