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 February 26th. A typical Friday. But it was not a normal day for the middle schoolers.

That day after school, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders headed to the Auditorium to enter the room with all the joy and also where the dance party, The Glowing Masquerade, took place. The room was all decorated by the MS Student Council. As the middle schoolers entered the room, they were checked-in to start the party.

First, they were all provided with beautiful, white, plain masks to decorate. The “decorating masks” tables were all ready for some creative looking masks! One 6th grader said, “so many beautiful decorations and friends to talk with, it is so much fun!” Then, they got to get neon colored glow sticks, cute looking (glowing) hair bands, and glowing glasses that were lit up in the dark light of the Auditorium. The next course of the dance was taking photos at the photo booth. There were so many photo props to choose from that added up to the fun. Next up- Musical Chairs, Limbo, and Follow Me Dance games! Everyone was involved, cheering for their friends and also having fun! While playing games, there were so much delicious food waiting for us! Some delicious punch and food, how awesome! Last, but not least, we got to DANCE!!! So much upbeat music, disco balls, and most importantly, fun! Everyone had a great time and made new friends during the dance. What a Blast!

Mission Complete.

Written by MS Student Council Historian- Amy Jung

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