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Ms. Baek is an organic farmer who also sells her vegetables both here in Haeundae, and in Marine City.  She has been marketing her organic produce for the last 15 years.  Prior to that she ran a tree nursery business with a shop in this area.   Two of our students from Urban Agriculture wrote a little about the trip.

On Tuesday, 4/18/17, we went on a field trip on to ask Ms. Baek the questions about vegetables. All the students had written down the questions that we wanted to ask in our field notebooks.  Some of the questions that we asked were, do  vegetables need space to grow? And What is the average time for garden vegetables to grow? The answers we got were that vegetables need space to grow just like humans need space to eat. Also the average time is for fast growers 15 days to 1 month and for slow growers up to 2 months. We all wrote down the answers to these questions in our field notebooks.
By Travis Guillermo Trinidad

On Monday, we BFS students had designed questions for our field trip to interview a person named Ms. Baek.  We wrote 6 questions about plants and what can we do with them. Since Ms. Baek only speaks Korean, 6 students read out each question to Ms Baek and she would reply to us in Korean, the answer to the question.  Then Mr. Yang, our student teacher, translated the answers that Ms. Baek gave into English, and we all wrote down what she said.  After we asked her some questions, she gave us all Korean rice crispy treats.
By Andrew Junyoung Lee

Mr. Yang translates a follow-up question


Ms. Baek speaks to the class

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Zach Huffman

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