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On September 28-29, The 2017-2018 middle school of BFS went out on a water-filled retreat at Namhae Island. This trip included many exciting things that truly showed the school spirit and teamwork of BFS. Many students went snorkeling and kayaking for the first time, which built teamwork and improved relationships with friends. We even went out to deep-sea fish, which we all had to learn about, and have specific strategies for.

A cultural village at Namhae Island was kind enough to let us stay and sleep in their homes. At our homestay, we were given delectable food and were treated like family. We also learned more about the korean culture and ways. When hiking, we grew our strength and energy, all while having a wonderful time on this retreat. This raised our respect and trust for one another, and was a great experience overall for MS of BFS.

By Charlize Santos
MS STUCO Historian


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