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The BFS Highschool Student Council organized a pageant called Mr. BFS.

The show was arranged by our two lovely MCs, Jihong Lee and Mr. Mijares. 9 contestants of the show, Rodney Hamm, Adam Lossiah, Sean Fox, Ricky Ahn, Vlad Sin, Gene Kim, Daniel Kim, Haru Ito, and William Seo eagerly flaunted their talents and spirits to achieve the title of 2016 Mr. BFS.

As an introduction, all contestants danced to the song of “Pick Me”. In the first Athletic Round, contestants proudly showed off their catwalk and their posing skills. Between the rounds, there were minigames that audiences could contribute and win prizes. Then, the contestants got a chance to share their very special talents in the Talent Round. After these two rounds, the top 5 was chosen by the judges and they got to run their last Formal Round with their lovely escorts.

Although it was hard for the judges to chose one winner out of all of the amazing boys, the judges finally chose the winner of 2016 Mr. BFS, Rodney Hamm! Rodney’s genuine and honest spirit caught all of the judges’ attention. All proceeds contributed to Highschool Prom.

written by the HS Student Council Historian


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