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We are proud to announce the lineup for our 2020 BFS Model United Nations team. We will be competing in the SKAC MUN Tournament on Saturday, November 21, 2020 live on Zoom. This is our biggest MUN Team yet, with four BFS students chairing committees. These are the topics are students will be discussing:

Security Council Issues:

  • The Libyan civil war.
  • The Belarus Crisis.
  • The creation of an independent Kurdistan/protection of the Kurds.

HR Committee Issues:

  • Human rights among the Uighurs.
  • The condition of guest workers in the Middle East.
  • Human trafficking.

ECOSOC Issues:

  • International water rights. Ex: The Mekong, the Nile.
  • Migration to the EU.
  • Wildfires in the Amazon.

General Assembly Issues:

  • Regulating international arms/munitions trafficking.
  • Cyberwarfare and interference in elections.
  • The genocide in Myanmar.

Our team will be:

General Assembly: 

  • Chair: William.
  • Myanmar: Ethan.
  • Israel: Brian.
  • USA: Ryan.
  • Luxembourg: Iriseli.

Human Rights:

  • Chair: Hidaya.
  • China: Brayden.
  • Saudi Arabia: Chloe.
  • USA: Keegan.
  • UAE: Nick.
  • Samoa: Beau.


  • Chair: Albert.
  • Brazil: Val.
  • Greece: Youseung.
  • Germany: Jasmin.
  • Jordan: Minjune.
  • Israel: Sona.

Security Council:

  • Chair: Michelle.
  • Libya: Bella.
  • Belarus: Alex.
  • Turkey: Misha.
  • Iraq: Anna.
  • USA: Jin.

Please note – If you have lived or worked in any of the above countries, or can shed light on any of the issues up for discussion, please identify yourself to Mr. Neeno, Ms. Slovak, or Ms. Widholm. Guest speakers at our Thursday afternoon meetings (4:00-5:00 PM) will be warmly welcomed.


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