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We were pleased to have Mr. Terry White, a 25 year veteran of the State Department and USAID, who spoke with the BFS Model United Nations team this Thursday over Zoom. Mr. White has worked on 4 continents, and had some sound advice to young diplomats:

1: Know your issue, inside and out.
2: Know your team, all the people working on a task together, and your role in the team.
3: Know who you are negotiating with – not just what they are asking for, but what they need, what they value, how they perceive things.
4: Understand other people’s cultural norms, and negotiating styles.
5: Don’t take differences personally. Watch your emotions, keep it civil and professional.
6: Don’t burn your bridges. Be practical and maintain lines of communication.
He also spoke about the US approach to such issues as water rights, Kurdistan, and the Uighurs, and fielded questions from the students.
Next week we will be presenting resolutions in front of our committee chairs, as we gear up for the big tournament Saturday, Nov 21.
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