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Dear Families,

Due to rising Covid-19 cases and Busan Ministry of Education recommendations, next week we will implement a one-week trial of twice-weekly mandatory Covid-19 testing for all students and faculty.

On Friday, March 4th, all students will be sent home with an at-home test to be taken on Sunday, March 6th. All students will bring the test with their name, grade, and date written on it (see sample) to school on Monday, March 7th. Students must submit their test before going to class.

On Wednesday, March 9th, all students will receive a second at home test to be returned to school on Thursday, March 10th.

Please refer to the following video for instructions on how to perform a home test: COVID-19 self-test instructions

We hope this one-week trial process will help us to reduce the risk of any virus spread within our community.

As always, thank you for your support.

Please note: Test kits need to be returned to school and labeled using a permanent pen with date, name and grade as per the image below.

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